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Oct 20, 2013
regular season "Open"
Wilbur Pence Middle School
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10/20/13 11:15
10/20 : R&B dismisses Buzzarts 41-21

R&B improves to 2-1 early in the season, while Buzzarts drop to 1-2.

This is the most points scored in a game this season by R&BThe victory gets R&B back on the winning track after a loss in their last game.

The loss comes on the heels of a Buzzarts victory in their last game. .This was the first meeting between these two teams.

Next up for Buzzarts is W.E.W.E. (2-1). That game is scheduled for Oct 13 2013, 10:00 at Wilbur Pence Middle School.

R&B will face off against Triple Threat (2-0) on Oct 13 2013, 11:15 at Wilbur Pence Middle School.


09/21/14 18:49
Comment`s author: genneg08/19/07 05:44:00 PMTo 子青

我不過是做身為學長應該做的 妳是靠妳自己的努力拚出來的 我不過是

其實 我因手殘 很多實驗都不能做 不要逼迫其他人幫我做 就是只能
做一樣實驗 PCR ( . )這沒什麼了不起的:p

To A老大

我也是降想 只是旁邊的朋友都覺得我有本錢去把妹卻不努力時 那才會

前陣子 有小白在轟趴時爆料讓我跟某位妹間接告白 讓我公開拿好人
卡 現在已經是我們這裡台灣研究生圈子裡的大笑話 我只要在路上見到
認識的人都會被問一遍 很刺激吧 大家幹嘛這麼關心誰和誰亂搞瞎搞
啊 難道生活中沒有更重要的事了嗎 沒關係 就算被當笑話我也不在
乎 大家開心就好

這世界上 有很多事比把正妹重要多了 我要讓你們知道 我就算孤單

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